The Solution


Activating a Community-Based Solution to Obesity
Among African American Women


How can we join together to end obesity among African American women?  Sharing our talents, strengths, and resources, we can ensure every women gets the support she deserves to live an extraordinary life!


Here is How Lives Will Be Changed & Extraordinary Lifestyles Will Be Created!


runner-stick-figure-set-12624093Emotional Health:

We’re ending obesity by connecting 12 women from the same neighborhood together for one year in a “freedom circle” of support!  Through community support these women will participate in a 10- week intensive program followed by coaching support and circle gatherings.  These women will commit to creating and implementing  healthy habits for life.  It is our goal to impact the lives of 300 African American women over the next 3 years.

Cynthia James’ ground breaking program, What Will Set You Free, is the cornerstone of an evolutionary project – The Extraordinary Living Project!  This project, lead by Cynthia and facilitated by The Freedom Team, integrates the body, mind and spirit to support African American women to overcome the conditions of being overweight.  Through the Extraordinary Living Plan, which includes emotional, nutritional and fitness coaching, participatants are guided into health and well-being as a life long solution.



Nutritional Health:

The Extraordinary Living Plan’s nutrition modules – Shop Smart, Cook Healthy, Eat Right and Share Blessings – educate and empower freedom circle participants  to stretch their food budgets so they can fix healthy, home cooked meals.  By following this plan, designed by Kitchen Coach, Beth Oden, our freedom circle participants  will learn how to nourish their bodies and feed their soul, returning them to a  healthy body weight and create a healthy relationship with food.




Physical Health:

The fitness component of the Extraordinary Living Plan teaches physical health through cardio and strength training.  Award winning Fitness Coach Courtney Samuel will guide freedom circle participants through workouts designed for weight loss, strength and endurance, and self-confidence.  The Plan includes walking and home workout routines that can be followed for life.