Jean Hendry – Education Director


Jean Hendry is the project’s Education Director and a workplace transformation expert specializing in adult-learner engagement and transformational learning. With nearly 30 years of training development, instructional design, workshop, event planning, facilitation and sales experience she has a solid reputation for consistently seeing the big picture and effectively developing effective actionable edu/com strategies and events that transform people and definitively move organizations towards their goals. Her work includes engagement consulting, facilitation, developing edu/com strategies, executive coaching, team-building, leadership development, strategic planning and objectives-based event development.

Jean is well known for creatively using multiple technologies to effectively engage audiences of all sizes both domestically and internationally. She has created and supervised high-impact large room events, multi-media, Web-based and other interactive presentations, video programs, and facilitated team building events and countless classroom training sessions. Jean is gifted at creating transformative experiential events and programs that are simultaneously practical, applicable and engaging, and more importantly, is effectively able to teach others to do the same. She is therefore in high-demand by instructional development departments within multi-national corporations and other large organizations, and is often described as one of the best facilitators her clients have ever seen.

Jean spent 15 years at IBM building her expertise through numerous management and professional positions in marketing, sales, marketing and technical education, and IBM’s consulting practice before moving on as a founding partner of Anderson Hendry & Company where she honed her engagement expertise, coaching and facilitation skills. She is a founding partner and officer of Swizzle, specializing in development and facilitation of high-impact engaging custom learning programs and coaching, and its parent company, Be Intentional, LLC, specializing in the transformational development of individuals and workplaces.

Jean’s corporate clients include: Oracle, Humana, Avnet, Key Equipment Finance, Noerr Programs, Scendis,, Lucent, Avaya, HDM Corporation, Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce, Banc One, Coors, and AT&T Broadband.